Conclaves within the Division
Macdonald Conclave
No. 14

Meeting at Surbiton
3rd Wednesday in April
3rd Tuesday in September
St George's Conclave
No. 18

Meeting at Camberley
3rd Tuesday in May
3rd Thursday in December
The Surrey Conclave
No. 348

Meeting at Surbiton
2nd Friday in May
2nd Thursday in September
Archbishop Courtenay Conclave No. 409
Meeting at Croydon
4th Thursday in January
4th Tuesday in May
Pride of Surrey Conclave No. 414
Meeting at Sutton
3rd Thursday in February
2nd Thursday in November
Gyldeforda Conclave No. 426
Meeting at South West Surrey Masonic Centre
1st Friday in September
1st Friday in November
Gundrada Conclave
No. 442

Meeting at Surbiton
2nd Saturday in April (morning)
2nd Saturday in October (morning)
Notfelle Conclave
No. 449

Meeting at Sutton
1st Monday in June
2nd Monday in December
Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns No. 453
Meeting at Sutton, Croydon and other venues as necessary
4th Monday in June, 4th Thursday in March
Emperor Constantine Conclave No. 489
Meeting at Nutfield
1st Tuesday in July
1st Monday in November
Empress Helena Conclave No. 490
Meeting at Surbiton
2nd Friday in April
3rd Wednesday in November
Bishop Eusebius Conclave No. 496
Meeting at Surbiton
Saturday following 1st Friday in February
2nd Saturday October
Surrey West Africa Conclave No. 502
Meeting at Croydon
1st Saturday March and
Last Saturday September
Emperor Heraclius Conclave No. 505
Meeting at Croydon
1st Tuesday in March
2nd Friday in October
St Macarius Conclave No. 507
Meeting at Surbiton
3rd Tuesday January
2nd Tuesday June
Conclaves within the Division