st. Macarius conclave -
“Light at the end of the tunnel”

St. Macarius ConclaveOn Saturday 5th January, 2013, St. Macarius Conclave installed it new Most Puissant Sovereign; the first Conclave meeting in the Division of the New Year.

Conclave meeting at the Masonic Centre, Surbiton, opened at 10.30 a.m., under the direction of M. P. Kt. Alan Brockwell. After the Conclave opened M. P. Kt. Alan received and welcomed the Deputy Intendant General, Ill. Kt. Stephen M. Ayres, P. G. Swd. B., accompanied by the Divisional Marshal, Ill. Kt. Andrew Wareham and supported the Commander of the Sepulchre Guard and a small Guard team. After greeting Ill. Kt. Stephen was invited to preside a pleasure which was gently declined, indicating that he felt sure the ceremonial would be much better in the hands of the rightful Sovereign ! the Deputy Intendant General was then duly saluted by the members and guests present. Ill Kt. Stephen thanked the Illustrious . and Worthy Knights for their Christian greeting and generous welcome.

St. Macarius Conclave has been through a difficult time over the past months. However, the meeting on 5th January saw a bright new start; a real case of there being "light at the end of the tunnel !!". Though the accounts received for the previous year shown a deficit the Treasurer, Ill. Kt. Nigel Thomson, was able to report that the various cost cutting steps taken and changes to subscriptions should enable him to bring a much bright set of accounts to the Conclave in a year's time. Another good news item was the admission into the Conclave of three Joining Members in the persons of P. Kt. Frank Powell and W. Kts. Michael Ellis and Jonathan Murlock. Having been duly elected they were heartily welcomed by the Most Puissant Sovereign

The next work was to install P. Kt. Denis May as Sovereign and W. Kt. Derek Williamson as Eminent Viceroy for 2013/4. Both P. Kt. Denis and W. Kt. Derek was duly presented and obligate. A Senate of Prince Mason was opened and P. Kt. Denis was duly inducted into the Chair of Constantine in a genuinely sincere and dignified manner by M. P. Kt. Alan Brockwell. A College of Princes Mason was then open and W. Kt. Derek was admitted to the rank Prince Mason by P. Kt. Denis May and entrusted with the secrets, so entitling him to occupy the office of Eminent Viceroy.

When the Worthy Knights were readmitted the newly enthroned Sovereign and newly consecrated Eminent Viceroy were duly proclaimed and saluted. The newly installed Sovereign then appointed and invested those Officers present; all but three being present, two being not as well as all would have wished and the third engaged on other masonic business.

Following completion of the remaining agenda the newly installed Sovereign and all those present enjoyed a most harmonious Festive Board.

During his response to the Toast to the Divisional Officers the Deputy Intendant General conveyed to all present the greetings and the good wishes of the Intendant General, R. Ill. Kt. Roy W. Leavers and particularly to the new Sovereign and Viceroy. He went on to report that the Division of Surrey was in very good spirits and looking forward to a bright future, mentioning those members of the Conclave that the Indentant General would be appointing to Divisional Office in the Spring, including P. Kt. Frank Powell as Divisional Eusebius and Ill. Len Hayward as Divisional Almoner. He went on to indicate that considerable efforts were being made to forge good relations with the Provincial Grand Chapter in order to bring the advantages of our very special Order to suitably qualified Christian Royal Arch Masons. Finally he reminded those present that the next Divisional meeting would be at the Croydon Masonic Centre on Saturday 27th April, 2013. He urged as many as possible to attend the Divisional Meeting to support the Intendant General, and show the excellence of St. Macarius Conclave and how much they enjoyed our unique Christian Order.

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