the Sovereign experience

Having had the honour and pleasure of having now gone through the Chair of my two Red Cross of Constantine Conclaves in relatively quick succession and having installed my successors, I feel that I should record this unique experience for the benefit and encouragement of those progressing in this very enjoyable Order and also those who are yet to join our Christian ranks. What are you waiting for?

The Puissant Sovereign of each Conclave is, of course, required to enthrone his successor (usually his current Eminent Viceroy) whilst at the same time the Eminent Viceroy performs the task of bringing into his Chair his replacement in that important role. The ritual can therefore be a little involved, but this simply adds to the feeling of achievement and the very real pleasure of experiencing what I regard as one of the most uplifting pieces of ritual in Masonry, steeped in history and representative of one of the greatest changes in the development of the ancient Roman Empire.

The historic words and the movement around the Conclave during the joint Enthronement of a new Puissant Sovereign and the Eminent Viceroy Consecration ceremonies is truly something to behold, both challenging and truly rewarding for all who participate, whether actually performing the ritual or fortunate enough to observe it as past Sovereigns, Viceroys or attendant Worthy Knights.

By the way, also look out for the Oration when a new candidate (Knight) is Installed in this Order.

The presence of high ranking Official Visitors at both my Pride of Surrey and Saint Macarius Conclave enthronements simply added to the occasion for all present and served to clearly demonstrate, by their own contributions, the Christian brotherhood which is the strength of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in the Division of Surrey.

If you are a Mason and are not a member of this exciting and enjoyable Christian Order then you are missing out on something special.

P. Kt. Alan Brockwell. Divisional Sword Bearer

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