the Annual meeting of the division and the installation of a new intendant-General

The Annual Meeting of the Divisional Conclave will take place at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday 27th April 2013 at the Croydon and District Masonic Hall, 73 Oakfield Road, Croydon, Surrey, CRO 2UX. This meeting will now see the Installation of a new Intendant-General. After the installation the Intendant-General will then hold the Divisional Meeting.

This situation has unfortunately been brought about by the ongoing ill health of our current Intendant-General, Roy Leavers, who said "It is not good for the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, the Grand Sovereign and the Division that I should be potentially off watch for a further lengthy period of time. After much consideration I knew that it was right and proper that I tender my resignation as Intendant-General with immediate effect. I have submitted my resignation to the Most Ill Grand Sovereign which has been accepted.

My Deputy Intendant-General, Ill Kt Stephen Michael Ayres, P Grand Sword Bearer, is now Deputy Intendant-General in charge and I know, during the interim period, you will give him as much support as you have always given to me.

I have nothing but the happiest of memories during my tenure as Intendant-General for Surrey. I am so proud of all the hard work, effort and commitment that each and every Worthy Knight has freely and willingly given to the Order in Surrey over the last 7 years. Such devotion has resulted in new Memberships, Conclaves and Reponements. The profile of the Order has been greatly raised thanks to you all. More importantly whilst it has been a period of ‘hard Masonic work’ it was also a period of great enjoyment and fun. Thank you for all that you have done. I have no doubts whatsoever that whoever The Grand Sovereign appoints as my successor will receive the same fantastic level of support."

All members of the Division unite in wishing Roy all the best for his recovery.

A detailed Order of Proceedings will be provided to all attendees on the day. Those attending are requested to take their seats in the Temple by 10.45 a.m. Tea and coffee and biscuits will be served from 09.00 a.m. onwards. Bacon sandwiches will be available at the same time for those who order them- cost £2.90. Please advise me if you wish to avail yourself of this service.

Luncheon will be at 1.30 p.m.

As well as the usual business of the Divisional Conclave there will also be a Dedication
Ceremony for the new Divisional Sword.

Please complete and return the attached booking form which can be downloaded by clicking here to me at your earliest convenience, but not later than Saturday the 13th April 2013. Please return the completed form even if is your intention not to be present so that your apologies can be recorded.

E.Kt R Shepherd M.A. - Divisional Recorder
'New lands'
Wildern Lane
Hedge End
S030 4EL

Tel: 01489 690723

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