2013 Annual meeting of the division


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Address to divisional conclave

Worthy knights my first address to divisional conclave is of course tinged with much sadness. The forced retirement of our past intendant general R Ill Kt Roy Leavers has been a shock to us all. Such a driving force for the division over several years, to be laid low at this time is a terrible blow to him and a difficult one for the division to come to terms with. Are thoughts are with him at this time and we wish him a full recovery.

Roy will be comforted to know that I, PKt Frank Powell, and i am sure all of you will strive to continue his good work and see this division flourish.

I say again that i am delighted P Kt Frank has become my deputy intendant general and we are sure that with your support we will achieve our objectives. We have experienced a significant growth in the number of our conclaves over recent years. Growth will continue to be a the watchword for surrey but now focussed on growing the numbers in our conclaves.

To the incoming Divisional Officers - you have been appointed to your respective offices in recognition of your outstanding contributions here in surrey and your work in your respective conclaves. We have much to do over the coming months to promote this wonderful order.

With the reponement of St Georges conlclave no 18 on 4th May 2012 we now have 15 conclaves within the division. Our task is to promote the order to Royal Arch companions within surrey. To that end p kt’s mike neville and keith waters are preparing a presentation paper which will be used as our building block.

A number of worthy knights are to be honoured by our Grand Sovereign at Grand Imperial Conclave in July this year.

Active Ranks
John R Paternoster
Grand Junior General
Roland Bedford Kt C Constantine

Ill Kt Ray Hussey Past Grand High Chancellor
Ill Kt Arthur Johnson Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill Kt David Rea Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill Kt George Loizou Past Grand Orator

First Appointments
Pkt Bob Shepherd Past Grand St B Labarum
P Kt Christopher Commiong Past Grand Prefect
James Sacre Past Grand Prefect
Max Cronin Past Grand Warden Of Reg
John Hardy Past Grand Herald

These promotions and appointments are thoroughly deserved. I would of course remind our worthy knights receiving them that you have a duty to support the Grand Sovereign by attending grand imperial conclave to receive the honour he has offered you.

I also wish to record my personal thanks to the outgoing divisional officers for their work during the past year. Particularly to Andrew Wareham Our Divisional Marshal and Bob Shepherd Our Divisional Recorder in their preparations for today. This is also Ill Kt David Wilmott’s last year as divisional treasurer and I take this opportunity on behalf of you all to sincerely thank david for his seven years managing the divisional accounts to a high standard.

My final thanks goes to our outgoing Deputy Intendant General In Charge Ill Kt Stephen Ayres who has overseen the Division during these difficult last months with consummate skill and acumen. He has been wholeheartedly supportive to me in the weeks leading to todays meeting and his wise counsel has been most appreciated.

One significant event planned for the coming year is the consecration of the Divisional Sword. R Ill Kt Brian Wareham has generously purchased and donated such a sword for the division. The consecration ceremony will take place at the Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns meeting on 24th June at Surbiton Masonic Centre. I will expect all Conclave Sovereigns or their representative to attend the meeting with one other worthy knight from their conclave. The conclave recorder will be sending summons details to every conclve in good time.

Worthy Knights we face many challenges going forward. With a combination of dedication, warm and sincere ritual, the high standards of which makes our ceremonies so rewarding and of course enjoying ourselves we can demonstrate the happy and beneficial effects of this wonderful order.

Peace be with you all

R. Illustrious Knight Bob Hancock

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