the Annual meeting of the division - a Report

The Annual Meeting of the Division took place at Croydon and District Masonic Hall on 27th April 2013. Surely, given the number of those attending, no other Masonic Hall in Surrey could have done justice to the meeting. Certainly unique in the annals of the Division, it could well be unique in the Order, given the programme of events.

It is not usual for the outgoing Intendant-General to be present at any part of the occasion of the Installation of his successor, and that is the first part of the special nature of the meeting. Most Illustrious Knight Richard Victor Wallis, Grand Sovereign, had invited Rt Ill Kt Roy Leavers, who had retired as Intendant-General on grounds of ill-health at the end of February, to open Divisional Conclave. This was duly done, and Rt Ill Kt Roy addressed the Conclave on his years in the Division and the happiness and support he had experienced. Then the Grand Marshal was admitted as a prelude to the entry of the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign and his party.

The Grand Sepulchre Guard, as ever, performed their ceremonial duties most effectively throughout. The Grand Sovereign addressed the Conclave on the qualities of Rt Ill Kt Roy Leavers and his exceptional service to the Order. He then announced that he was appointing Rt Ill Kt Roy to the Honour and Dignity of a Knight Commander of Constantine. R Ill Kt Roy retired, an escort was formed and he was re-admitted under escort. The Grand Sovereign proceeded to invest R Ill Kt Roy with his sash and collarette, and handed to him his baton and Patent of Appointment. He was proclaimed. Rt Ill Kt Roy Leavers KCC then retired from Divisional Conclave to applause. It is to be hoped that his promotion may go in some measure towards consoling him for the relegation of Queen’s Park Rangers.

Ill Kt Robert William Hancock, being on the premises, was escorted into Divisional Conclave and addressed most encouragingly by the Grand Sovereign who then Installed him as Rt Ill Intendant-General for the Division of Surrey. He was proclaimed and saluted. P Kt Frank Powell then underwent a similar procedure at the hands of the new Intendant-General who after some remarkably kind comments Installed him as his Deputy Intendant-General.

R Ill Kt Bob Hancock addressed the M Ill Grand Sovereign, who then retired. A little Divisional business was conducted. Divisional Conclave was adjourned for lunch, which was enjoyed greatly. Subsequent to the departure of the M Ill Grand Sovereign Divisional Conclave was resumed and the remainder of the agenda fulfilled. A formal Minute of the proceedings will of course be prepared.

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