district Sword dedication


A large number of Knights, including many visitors from other Conclaves in the Division, were present at the meeting of Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns held at Surbiton on 24 June 2013 for the consecration of the Divisional Sword.

Ill Kt Stephen Michael Ayres was Enthroned as MPS and V Ill Kt Michael Banbury Consecrated as Viceroy and, after the investiture of the Officers, the Conclave was adjourned.

The highlight of the meeting followed, when our new Intendant-General, R Ill Kt Bob Hancock, opened a meeting of Divisional Conclave assisted by P Kt Frank Powell, Deputy Intendant-General, as Divisional Eusebius, and other Divisional Officers. He then consecrated the new Divisional sword, which had been generously presented by R Ill Kt Brian Wareham, the real Divisional Eusebius, who was unable to be present as on that very day he had been Installed as District Grand Master for Sussex in the Order of Royal and Select Masters in Worthing.

Divisional Conclave was closed and Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns resumed to complete their business.

Members and visitors afterwards dined in merry fellowship.

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