the Surrey Conclave meeting 10th may

The May meeting of The Surrey Conclave was held at Surbiton on 10th May. The Deputy Intendant- General, P Kt Frank Powell, Most Puissant Sovereign, took great pleasure in Consecrating as Viceroy his friend of many years Philip Snellgrove, who had been unable to attend the Enthronement meeting. The Latin was used.

Following these solemn and serious moments the Conclave was entertained by the well-known masonic researcher Ill Kt Ray Hudson, Past Grand Prefect, who gave the early part of his lecture on Constantine the Great from before birth, tracing his family history and pointing out inadequacies in the story usually told. Only the urgent demands of the dinner table brought the proceedings to a close or the Conclave would have continued to be enthralled.. The Festive Board proceeded very smoothly.

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