archbishop Courtenay conclave meeting 28th may

Archbishop Courtenay Conclave held its Enthronement Meeting on at Croydon 28th May. The Deputy Intendant-General, P Kt Frank Powell, paid his first Official Visit to a Conclave of the Division accompanied by the Divisional Marshal, P Kt Simon McCarthy, the Deputy Divisional Marshal, P Kt Brian Howlett and a healthy contingent of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard.

MPS Alastair Mackenzie was proclaimed for his second year in the chair. Fewer officers were present than might have been ideal – and Nigel Thomson, Recorder, had interrupted a sojourn in the West Country to return just for the meeting (and no dinner) – and during the ensuing rehearsal of the Ceremony of Installation V Ill Kt Lionel Mee acted as both Marshal and Prefect.. W Kt John Frewin acted as Candidate. All in all a cheerful event.

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