surrey west Africa conclave no 502

Surrey West Africa Conclave No 502

Saturday, 15th March 2014 at Croydon Masonic Centre marked a very special day in the life of the Conclave when we were honoured with an Official Visit by R. Ill. & Ven. Kt. Dr. The Rev. Peter Blackwell-Smyth, Knight Grand Cross of Constantine, the Grand Eusebius, Also in attendance were R. Ill. Kt. Robert Hancock, Intendant-General for Surrey and the Deputy Intendant-General, Ill. Kt. Frank Powell. Ill Kt Zac Smith, a member of the Conclave, was the Escorting Officer who acted as Deputy Grand Marshal for the Grand Eusebius.

The Most Puissant Sovereign, Puissant Knight Ebenezer Abbey, extended a warm welcome to the Honoured Guests and also welcomed the Conclave members and other visitors, which included R. Ill. Kt. Baron John von Hoff, Knight Commander of Constantine.

The main item on the Agenda was to Enthrone the Sovereign-Elect, Em. Kt. Desmond Gage as Most Puissant Sovereign of the Conclave for the ensuing year.

Surrey West Africa Conclave No 502

The Enthronement ceremony was carried out in an excellent manner by the outgoing Sovereign for the past two years, P. Kt. Ebenezer Abbey following which the new Sovereign, Most Puissant Knight Desmond Gage thanked his predecessor for having enthroned and invested him in such a memorable manner and he also thanked the members of the Conclave for having elected him to that high office. He then appointed and invested the Officers for his year as Sovereign.

The Viceroy-elect, W Kt Ernest Pyne-Bailey, was not installed as Viceroy due his being unable to attend as he was unwell.

After the meeting, 20 members, guests and visitors enjoyed a friendly and convivial lunch at the Festive Board during which the Grand Eusebius expressed his pleasure at being able to attend and thanked the Worthy Knights for the warm welcome extended to him and his Right Illustrious colleagues.

The next meeting of the Conclave will be at Croydon on Saturday, 27th September 2014 at 10.30 am.

The photographs show: A gathering of those attending the meeting - the Grand Eusebius and the Intendant-General are on the right of the Most Puissant Sovereign and P. Kt. Ebenezer Abbey congratulating his successor, M. P. Kt. Desmond Gage.

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