a visit to Perseid School


On 7th November 2014 the I-G R Ill Kt Bob Hancock and his wife Brid, visited Perseid School, Merton and met with Tina Harvey, Head of the School to present a cheque for £2,500 on behalf of the Grand Sovereigns Care for Children Fund.

The school cares for 120 children aged 3 to 15 with serious physical and mental incapacities. The teaching staff need to work on a one to one basis.

The I-G met with a number of the pupils who accompanied him to the new play area to which the Grand Sovereign’s donation will go to support the building cost. Photos taken by E Kt Bob Tuthill show the I-G enjoying a ride on one of the playgrounds apparatus and also involved in some swing pushing duty!

Both Bobs saw clearly the dedication and commitment of the staff which ensures these young children get some quality of life They echoed that it was both a moving and uplifting experience and the delight on the children’s faces was a joy to see.

Tina Harvey and David Erridge, School Governor, were very pleased to receive the donation as the school relies on outside donations to fund many of its projects. The I-G said " We at the Red Cross of Constantine, in the Division of Surrey, are delighted to support such a well deserving cause by making a donation to the cost of one of the school’s most important projects".

The I-G hopes that this experience will encourage Conclaves to make significant contributions to the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children fund during the 150 year celebrations.

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