the Surrey conclave 11th september 2014

The Surrey Conclave, the longest established in the Division, was honoured by an Official Visit from the Intendant-General, Rt Ill Kt Bob Hancock, escorted by the Deputy Divisional Marshal, P Kt Brian Howlett, at Surbiton on 11th September 2014.

A great deal of work was on the Agenda as it was the Enthronement meeting of the Conclave and there was a Candidate for installation. Additionally the resignation through ill-health of the Recorder, Denis May, had added to the burden and E Kt Eddie Williams had looked after the administration of the Conclave as well as act as Eminent Viceroy. Ill Kt Frank Powell, Deputy Intendant-General, a Past Sovereign of the Council, at the invitation of the MPS, MP Kt Philip Snellgrove, Installed Comp Christopher Thomas Albrow as a Knight of Constantine. P Kt Howlett, a Past Sovereign of the Conclave, was pressed into service as Prefect.

The Accolade and Oration were given by the Rt Ill Intendant-General. E Kt Eddie Williams then Consecrated Kt David Gates in a meaningful ceremony. After that, MP Kt Philip Snellgrove Enthroned E Kt Williams, after thirty years in the Order, as Most Puissant Sovereign with the dignity which that ceremony requires.

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