Macdonald conclave 16th september 2014

At its meeting at Surbiton on 16th September 2014 Macdonald Conclave was honoured by an Official Visit from the Intendant-General, Rt Ill Kt Bob Hancock, escorted by the Deputy Divisional Marshal, P Kt Brian Howlett.

The principal business of the evening was to Install Comp Geoffrey William Davis. The ceremony was conducted by Rt Ill Kt Roy Leavers KCC (a member of the Conclave), Immediate Past Intendant-General. The High Prelate was Ill Kt Stephen Ayres (member) Immediate Past Deputy Intendant-General, and the Prefect Ill Kt Frank Powell (member) Deputy Intendant-General. Four batons in the room.

The Oration was delivered by the Intendant-General. After all that, a cheerful Festive Board was held.

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