a Christmas message from r.ill. knight bob Hancock

a Christmas message from r.ill. knight bob HancockDear Worthy Knights,

Another challenging year for the Red Cross Order in Surrey draws to a close.

We have installed several Royal Arch companions into the Order this year. I make no apology by mentioning that I had the great delight of installing my son, W Kt Jeff Hancock into Gydeforda Conclave on 7th November, with his uncle Wt Kt Chris Hancock as Herald.

The friendship evenings continue to bring new Knights to the order and we are planning another at the Empress Helena meeting in April at Surbiton. The Friendship Pack is with all conclaves and the Divisional Executive is there to support and advise should you require it. Our conclaves need new blood to survive. All Worthy Knights need to be sending out the message regarding this wonderful order.

On a very sad note we lost our beloved primus Intendant General R Ill Kt Ted Smith in May this year. Ted was a cornerstone of Red Cross masonry in Surrey not only during his time as Intendant General but his support and encouragement after he left office was immense. He will be greatly missed not only within our Order but to the many other Orders who benefitted from his support and experience. My personal thanks to all those conclaves that sent donations to the Macmillan Trust Charity in memory of our dear Ted. The Grand Imperial Conclave has approved the change of name of the Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns’ Conclave to the Edward Smith Enthroned Sovereigns’ Conclave. It is a way of keeping Ted’s memory alive within the division for years to come. Members of the conclave have agreed to the change which will be formally announced at the next meeting.

Next year sees the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Order. The Grand Imperial Conclave service will be held at Lincoln Cathedral on 19th September 2015. It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend. Wives, partners and relatives are welcome. Further information on attendance from the Division will be sent out in early New Year.

I have committed us to supporting the Grand Sovereigns Care for Children fund in 2015 as part of the 150 celebrations. I am confident each conclave will make a significant donation to the fund. I had the pleasure of presenting another cheque for £2500.00 from the fund to Perseid School in Merton. The school cares for 120 severely handicapped children and are grateful for the support provided by the Order. Thanks also to the generosity of the conclaves I will be presenting a cheque for £2300.00 to the Sight for Surrey charity which will fulfil our objective of matching the donation made by Grand Imperial Conclave.

Returning to the 150 anniversary celebrations the Deputy I-G Frank Powell with a dedicated team is planning events to mark the occasion within Surrey. There will be a talk on the life and work of Robert Wentworth Little at the Edward Smith Enthroned Sovereigns meeting on 22nd June. Your Intendant General together with the Divisional Eusebius and P Kt Mike Ellis our Assistant Recorder is planning a trip to Rome in late March primarily to visit the Arch of Constantine we plan to present a montage of the visit at the meeting in June. A visit to the birthplace of Christianity in this country, Lullingstone Castle is also planned in conjunction with our friends in Kent Division.

A much deserved thank you goes to all those who have worked so hard this year in support of the Division; the executive team Dep I-G Frank Powell, Bob Shepherd, Divisional Recorder, Arthur Johnson, Divisional Treasurer, Simon McCarthy Divisional Marshal, Mike Ellis Divisional Assistant Recorder and official visits organiser and all those members who supported our official visits, not forgetting the Sepulchre Guard. Thanks also to our official photographer and web site manager E Kt Bob Tuthill.

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2015

Yours in Faith, Unity and Zeal


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