Emperor Heraclius Conclave no 505 - Enthronement Meeting - 3rd March

Emperor Heraclius Conclave No.505 welcomes The Intendant General

Emperor Heraclius Conclave were honoured with the presence of Rt Illustrious Knight Bob Hancock, the Intendant General for Surrey. The Intendant General was accompanied by his Marshall MP. Knight Simon McCarthy.

He was welcomed to the meeting by the Most Puissant Sovereign, V.Ill. Kt Ian Currans PGHAlm.
The Worthy Knights enjoyed a most interesting meeting with the enthronement of E. Knight Bob Tuthill as the Sovereign and the consecration of E Kt Gordon Stewart as Viceroy. The Enthronement ceremony was carried out in an excellent manner by the outgoing Sovereign for the past two years, V.Ill. Kt Ian Currans PGHAlm and the Intendant General Rt Illustrious Knight Bob Hancock sharing the work. following which the new Sovereign, Most Puissant Knight Bob Tuthill thanked both his predecessor and the Intendant General for having enthroned and invested him in such a memorable manner and he also thanked the members of the Conclave for having elected him to that high
office. He then appointed and invested the Officers for his year as Sovereign. The Worthy Knights enjoyed a most interesting meeting in good company and an excellent festive board.

The photo, taken by MP. Kt.David Willmott, shows some of the members of the Conclave.

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