masonic tour of Rome

Masonic Tour of Rome

As part of the 150th Anniversary celebration of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, our Intendant-General, Right Illustrious Knight Bob Hancock, took part in a Masonic Tour of Rome. The guide for the weekend was Ill Kt Mike Neville (the Divisional Eusebius), together with WBro Peter Reeve, a Yorkshire mason and researcher. Mrs Brid Hancock was the 'David Bailey' for the tour!

Masonic Tour of Rome

The tour visited the Arch of Titus, which shows the treasures looted from the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD, churches connected with the martyrdom of St Lawrence (Allied Masonic Degrees) and locations linked to several Masonic degrees. Most importantly, the Worthy Knights inspected the Arch of Constantine and the Milvian Bridge, where he won the famous victory against Maxentius.

Photos show the Intendant-General & the team in front of the Arch of Constantine and the tour cross the Milvian Bridge. A short presentation on the Tour will be given at the Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns Conclave on Thursday 26th March at Croydon Masonic Hall.

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