The new season begins in Guildford
On Friday the 2nd of September, Gyldeforda Conclave No.426 started the new Masonic season with a packed program, under the watchful eye of the Deputy Intendant General on an Official Visit, accompanied by a number of Divisional Officers.

Also present, as members of the Conclave were the Divisional Intendant General, the Divisional Eusebius, and the Divisional Intendant General for Middlesex amongst others.

The new season begins in Guildford The Conclave successfully balloted for, then Installed Companion John Durcan in an excellent ceremony.

The new season begins in Guildford E.Kt. Colin Brookman was then Enthroned as Most Puissant Sovereign, followed by W.Kt. Les Duffy who was Consecrated as Viceroy.

The new season begins in Guildford To his surprise, new W.Kt. John was then appointed as 2nd Aide-de-Camp.

With a further candidate announced, Gyldeforda Conclave looks to be in good stead!

After customary refreshments, Guildford Masonic Centre's caterers provided a festive board of their usual standard.

The new season begins in Guildford Gyldeforda Conclave No.426 meets at the South West Surrey Masonic Centre in Guildford on the 1st Friday in September (for its Enthronement), and the 1st Friday in November.

Article and photos by Andrew Banks


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