Contact the Division
You can contact the Division Of Surrey of The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St John The Evangelist via the following email addresses:

Intendant General:
R Ill Kt Bob Hancock

Deputy Intendant General:
Ill Kt Andrew Sales

Divisional Recorder:
ll Kt Chris Craddock

Divisional Treasurer:
Ill Kt Arthur Johnson

Red Cross of Constantine Webmaster:

You can contact the Recorders of the Conclaves of the Division of Surrey directly via the following email addresses:

The Surrey Conclave No. 348
Archbishop Courtenay Conclave No. 409
Pride of Surrey Conclave No. 414

Gyldeforda Conclave No. 426

Gundrada Conclave No. 442

Notfelle Conclave No. 449

Surrey Enthroned Sovereigns Conclave No. 453

Emperor Constantine Conclave No. 489

Empress Helena Conclave No. 490

Bishop Eusebius Conclave No. 496

Surrey West Africa Conclave No. 502

Emperor Heraclius Conclave No. 505

St Macarius Conclave No. 507

Macdonald Conclave No. 14:

St. George’s Conclave No. 18: